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Special Education Department Mission Statement

The Del Valle Independent School District Special Education Department is a culturally responsive team of professionals committed to the academic success and empowerment of all students. We support the pursuit of independence and self sufficiency with attainment of meaningful vocation and higher education goals using technology, family, community collaboration, and inclusive practices.

To Parents of 5th and 8th grade students receiving special education services:


As a 5th or 8th grade student this year, your child will be impacted by the Student Success Initiative requirements.  Under the Student Success initiative, satisfactory performance on STAAR reading and math assessments is a requirement for promotion to the next grade.


For a student receiving special education services who does not perform satisfactorily on the 1st administration of STAAR Reading or Math assessment, an ARD committee must meet prior to the 2nd administration of STAAR.  The ARD committee has several options to consider:


  • Will the student participate in the 2nd administration of the assessment he/she did not meet the standard (pass)?
  • If not, has the student made sufficient progress in the measurable academic goals in the IEP to be promoted to the next grade level?
  • How will the student participate in an accelerated instruction program for the subject(s) in which standards were not met?


For additional information, contact Cole Davis, Ph.D., Assessment and Compliance Coordinator at 512-386-3091.



Atención padres de estudiantes de grados 5o y 8o que reciben servicios de educación especial:


Este año, los estudiantes de grados 5o y 8o serán impactactados con los requisitos de la Iniciativa de Éxito Estudiantil (Student Success Initiative). De acuerdo con esta ley, los estudiantes tienen que pasar las pruebas State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (prueba STAAR) de matemáticas y de lectura de 5o grado para pasar a 6o grado y las pruebas STAAR de matemáticas y de lectura de 8o grado para pasar a 9o grado.


Para los estudiantes que reciben servicios de educación especial que no pasan la prueba STAAR de matemáticas y de lectura en la primera administración, el comité de ARD se tendrá que reunir antes de la segunda administración. El comité de ARD tendrá que considerar varias opciones:


  • El/la estudiante se presentará para la segunda administración de la prueba que no pasó?
  • Si no, ha logrado el/la estudiante el progreso adecuado en las metas académicas de su plan educacional individualizado para pasar al siguiente grado?
  • Cómo participará el/la estudiante en un programa de instrucción acelerado en las materias que no pasó en la prueba?


Para más información, favor de comunicarse con Cole Davis, Ph.D., Assessment and Compliance Coordinator at 512-386-3091.

  • Supplemental Aids – To be used in classrooms or testing in all subject areas
  • District Professional Development – Professional Development offered by and for district personnel
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